Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 1.10.1

  • updated Roku profiles
  • fixed a XXE security vulnerability
  • fixed issues with running on Java 11
  • updated Java to 1.8.0_191

Release Notes - 1.9.2

  • reload the profiles when Start Server is clicked in the Console; ticket #1004
  • profiles in user-profiles.xml are detected with higher priority than those in profiles.xml; ticket #1022
  • better register playback progress events from MediaBrowser; ticket #966
  • fixed MediaBrowser playback on Internet Explorer 11; ticket #1048
  • fixed MediaBrowser failing to close the player window on iOS; ticket #1048
  • PS4 now plays FLAC audio natively
  • fixed parsing user rating with decimal comma character; ticket #1055
  • fixed library stopping being updated after 24 hours; ticket #1054

Release Notes - 1.9

  • MediaBrowser now used HTML5 video renderer, instead of Flash; ticket #952
  • enabled giving Renderers user-friendly names; ticket #970
  • enhance XBMC episode tracking; ticket #983
  • added User Rating browsing category; ticket #387
  • use Unknown for video metadata entities only when the Descriptive metadata is used for the Shared folder; ticket #976
  • All Music (and other virtual categories) are now possible to be turned-off; ticket #980
  • added Edit context menu to the Console input fields; ticket #924
  • users can now store their profiles in user-profiles.xml file; ticket #766
  • added new Roku profiles; ticket #994
  • fixed retrieving genres on mySQL engine; ticket #997
  • fixed folder share browsing in the Console to properly deal with ampersands in the folder name; ticket #978
  • correctly detect character encoding of playlist files; ticket #985
  • fix multi-track audio transcoding; ticket #986
  • fixed detection and displaying of Hebrew subtitles
  • fixed type in serviio.hdThumbnailResolution system property; ticket #1006
  • fixed subtitles not delivered completely for some renderers; ticket #956
  • updated FFmpeg to 3.2.4
  • updated Java to 1.8.0_131

Release Notes - 1.9.1

  • ignore .@__thumb QNAP folders; ticket #1021
  • upgrade to API v2; ticket #945
  • enabled native 4k H264 playback in MediaBrowser on Desktop
  • added support for idx/sub bitmap subtitles; ticket #1035
  • added support for 'forced' external subtitle files; ticket #1034
  • added support audio HLS files; ticket #857
  • added Samsung M series profile; ticket #1037
  • fixed passing clientId and start parameters to CDS when playing HLS content; ticket #1018
  • fixed parsing video rating for some Locales; ticket #1020
  • detect subtitle files immediately when they are added; ticket #1024
  • increase timeout for playing HLS videos in MediaBrowser; ticket #1023
  • fixed adding online sources with URL ending with a colon; ticket #1011
  • show relevant cover image when browsing artists and other roles; ticket #1029
  • fixed removing multiple shared folders at the same time; ticket #1036
  • fixed duplicates being left in the library after editing shared folder path; ticket #1045
  • fixed audio playback in MediaBrowser on iOS devices; ticket #1031
  • updated Java to 1.8.0_162

Release Notes - 1.8

  • detect start and stop of a file playback and include notifications in the Console; ticket #898
  • track your video collection and playback progress using integration; ticket #594
  • display the item being played per Renderer in the Console; ticket #965
  • added support for multiple genres per media file; ticket #268
  • setting a poller mechanism per shared folder; ticket #902
  • added /profiles endpoint to the CDS API; ticket #953
  • added setting to prefer multichannel audio tracks during video delivery; ticket #961
  • added support for eac3 audio; ticket #969
  • added support for native playback of H265 in MpegTS where supported; ticket #971
  • fixed Folders browsing category sorting to be case insensitive; ticket #932
  • add BOM mark to extracted UTF-8 subtitles to fix displaying them on some devices; ticket #880
  • fixed folder names with & getting truncated in MediaBrowser; ticket #948