Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 0.3.1

  • added possibility to connect to the Serviio server from a remote console (using -Dserviio.corbaHost property)
  • added support for ID3v22 cover art tag in MP3 files
  • added support for parsing file names with DBRip in them
  • added more file name patterns for series; issue #36
  • episode numbers are now 2 digits (padded with 0 if needed) for proper sorting on some devices; issue #52
  • added possibility to skip Java install if not found; issue #50
  • added 'Last Watched' notifier on series' seasons and episodes; issue #53
  • added possibility to add year to series name (useful when series name is not unique enough)
  • streaming Music on XBox360 is now possible; issue #56


  • fixed issue #39: Wait for Corba Naming service to start-up
  • fixed issue #41: Missing response for malformed Subscribe message
  • fixed issue #42: Wrong HTTP status codes
  • fixed issue #49: Browsing Folders category is slow
  • fixed 'Last Added' video category to show files that have been added to the library most recently


  • upgraded JAudioTagger library to version 2.0.1

Release Notes - 0.3

  • implemented client/server architecture; Serviio server now runs independently from the Console
  • removed "-headless" agrument; not needed - just run the server
  • Serviio server now starts as a Service (on Windows) automatically after Windows startup; issue #27
  • added 'Last Added videos' browse category


  • fixed issue #19: Folder browsing doesn't work for images
  • fixed issue #21: DATE header in soap responses has invalid format
  • fixed issue #22: FFmpeg process is killed when hanging for too long
  • fixed issue #23: Running on Vista/Win 7 needs admin rights
  • fixed issue #24: Browsing on XBox 360 only shows content in Folders categories
  • fixed issue #29: Wrong TIMEOUT header value in UPnP event subscription
  • fixed issue #30: Multiple NIC support for multicasting SSDP messages (didn't bind to the proper IP address, causing Serviio not appearing on the device)
  • Serviio now should work with other media servers installed (e.g. PS3MS)

Release Notes - 0.1.1

  • added support for full HD VC-1 files (in ASF container); issue #1
  • added notification about Library updating when Serviio starts (which might take some time); issue #4
  • added possibility to open the console from system tray context menu
  • added button enabling to force the library refresh; issue #8
  • library updating now starts immediately after a change to the shared folders is made (without the need to wait for 5 minutes)


  • fixed local IP address resolving, which might cause the server to be non-accessible
  • fixed multicast socket closing in a case of SSDP error
  • fixed issue #3: When switching renderer profiles the ContentDefinition is not re-initialized
  • fixed issue #5: FileNameParser should be able to deals with DVD-like structure
  • fixed skipping MP3 files that only had ID3v1 tag inside
  • fixed issue #7: Allow file names longer that 128 characters (allows 256 now)
  • fixed image metadata retrieval for images that don't have complete set of metadata


  • OSX version includes FFmpeg compiled to work on OSX 10.4 (thanks to Shompola)

Release Notes - 0.2

  • added support for automatic renderer profile detection (for devices that support it)
  • profiles are now configured in profiles.xml file for better renderer compatibility
  • added basic skeleton for Playstation 3 profile
  • added support for files with extensions .divx and .m2ts
  • added hierarchical folder browsing (file-system like)
  • added support for MP4 files including ASF video (DivX, XviD, QuickTime)
  • added a new UI field for binding Serviio to a specific IP address (issue #11)


  • fixed support for AC-3 audio codec in video files when using FFmpeg compiled with LGPL licence
  • fixed responses to discovery requests from devices with MX header of value 1 (e.g. Viera TV)
  • fixed issue #14: marking video as 'read' multiple times when there are multiple initial requests for the resource
  • fixed issue #12: API update