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Serviio has a growing ecosystem of related applications. These are maintained mostly by third-party developers and are in no way related to Serviio, other that using its API.

Media browsers

Serviio Pro enables to access its content not only via DLNA-powered client devices, but via a simple and secure API (as in the case of MediaBrowser). That enables developers to write applications providing remote access to your files, e.g. over 4G/5G mobile network.


Developer: Will Lunniss
Web site:
Requirements: Serviio Pro

ServiiGo lets you browse and stream all the media stored on your Serviio server to your android device.

Unlike DLNA based apps, ServiiGo uses a new API built into Serviio Pro that also works over the internet. This means you can now access your media using 4G/5G mobile networks and WiFi hotspots away from home.

Designed with small phones up to large tablets in mind, and optimised to work with the way that Serviio delivers content, ServiiGo is the way to access your media on the go.



Console replacements

Serviio provides API for management of the server component. Developers can therefore leverage this functionality to implement tools that can replace or complement Serviio Console.

serviidroid-logo.png ServiiDroid

Developer: Will Lunniss
Web site:

ServiiDroid is an android version of the Serviio console. ServiiDroid allows you to manage and configure your Serviio server, directly from your android device.

This is especially useful if you run Serviio on a NAS, home server, or desktop located in a different room to your TV as it lets you make quick changes without leaving your sofa.