Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 1.6.1

  • added support for fixed point mp3 encoding using Shine; ticket #623
  • fall back to for series search if is not available; ticket #903
  • added support for DSF audio files; ticket #856
  • added support for Shine mp3 encoder for low powered NAS devices; ticket #623
  • Samsung J now plays MP4 / H265 files without transcoding; ticket #893
  • added support for VP9 video codec; ticket #852
  • added support for HTTPS for the REST APIs, web console and MediaBrowser; ticket #877
  • when stopping the server, stop any running FFmpeg processes and clean the temporary transcoding folder; ticket #427
  • reload the Console page after a successful Online Sources import; ticket #912
  • prevented caching subtitles by the renderers so that correct subtitles are always delivered; ticket #917
  • enabled user defined thumbnail for all online source types; ticket #923
  • added a separate profile for Android devices; ticket #909
  • fixed OSX installer not upgrading the Console in 1.6; ticket #905
  • fixed auto-scroll behaviour in MediaBrowser playlist view; ticket #867
  • fixed transcoding being used in some cases when it was not necessary
  • fixed adding ServiioLinks in the Console; ticket #915
  • properly handling error when downloading feed thumbnail; ticket #922
  • fixed iOS transcoded playback to always start from the beginning; ticket #887
  • fixed Samsung devices showing invalid fixed duration; ticket #894
  • MediaBrowser link from the Console executable now opens in a system browser; ticket #907
  • fixed LaunchDaemon override issue forcing Server launch at startup; ticket #916