Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server


The latest release

The latest released version is 2.4 Pro. Download it here and give it a try. You will get a 15 day evaluation of the Pro edition, after which Serviio automatically reverts to the Free edition.

If you previously purchased a Pro license for version 1.x, it will no longer be valid after you upgrade to 2.x. You can still keep using the latest 1.x release in case you don't want to upgrade.

Release notes are here: Release Notes - 2.4.

Windows serviio-2.4-win-setup.exe 134,099,272 bytes, MD5: 2c41341b4f0ae9b340d277df918cbc00
Mac serviio-2.4-osx.tar.gz 127,293,858 bytes, MD5: 989a4e666ead3ec011206d262e4a3332
Linux serviio-2.4-linux.tar.gz 28,887,039 bytes, MD5: 17f4feb74402d37b74c91c8b9532cc91
QNAP Serviio 2.4 for QNAP Intel 32bit, Intel 64bit, ARM x19, ARM x31, ARM x41+, ARM 64bit
Synology Serviio 2.1 package for Synology NAS

Are you upgrading and wish to keep your media library? Check out how to do it.

By downloading this software you agree to the terms of the End User Licence Agreement. For commercial licence details look at the Contact page.

This release includes FFmpeg (post) 5.1.2 compiled using this source code, libRTMP 2.4+ compiled using this source code, Lame MP3 Encoder (v. 3.99.5) compiled using this source code. Refer to README.txt for the complete list.

Minimal requirements

  • 512 MB of memory or more
  • 150 MB of disk space (plus additional space for storing the media library), when using transcoding make sure there is at least 1GB free (depending on the original file size)
  • if on Linux, Java 8 must be installed. Windows and OSX come with Java runtime aready included in the installation.

Additional information

  • Linux users need to install the FFmpeg package (incl. libRTMP, libASS, libx264 and libmp3lame) for their OS distributions or, ideally, compile FFmpeg using the source files provided above
  • Linux users need to install the dcraw package if they need RAW image support
  • Only 64-bit OSX machines are supported, with OSX 10.8 minimum


If you have problems with the latest release, have a look at Getting started guide or let us know in the Support forum.

The legacy release

If you require the latest 1.x release, here are the details. Use this if you have Pro v1 license and don't want to upgrade to v2.

Windows serviio-1.10.1-win-setup.exe 161,814,192 bytes, MD5: 1b40a0bab3228aa91cf1b4f8555c0715
Mac serviio-1.10.1-osx.tar.gz 152,794,145 bytes, MD5: f7294626ac5380040a1abe8c70ba75e7
Linux serviio-1.10.1-linux.tar.gz 28,413,154 bytes, MD5: 24b8b85c91aac76ea654d3dc54486b9e
QNAP Serviio 1.10.1 for QNAP Intel 32bit, Intel 64bit, ARM x19, ARM x31, ARM x41+
Synology Serviio 1.10.1 package for Synology NAS
Asustor Serviio 1.6.1 package for Asustor NAS is available in your NAS App Central
ClearOS Serviio 1.10.1 package for ClearOS