Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 1.8

  • detect start and stop of a file playback and include notifications in the Console; ticket #898
  • track your video collection and playback progress using integration; ticket #594
  • display the item being played per Renderer in the Console; ticket #965
  • added support for multiple genres per media file; ticket #268
  • setting a poller mechanism per shared folder; ticket #902
  • added /profiles endpoint to the CDS API; ticket #953
  • added setting to prefer multichannel audio tracks during video delivery; ticket #961
  • added support for eac3 audio; ticket #969
  • added support for native playback of H265 in MpegTS where supported; ticket #971
  • fixed Folders browsing category sorting to be case insensitive; ticket #932
  • add BOM mark to extracted UTF-8 subtitles to fix displaying them on some devices; ticket #880
  • fixed folder names with & getting truncated in MediaBrowser; ticket #948