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Media Streaming Server

Version 0.4.1 released

I'm glad to announce that a new version of Serviio is ready for download. This release brings mainly bugfixes and performance enhancements - you should really notice that browsing for media is now much faster. Except that there is more on the list, notably subtitles support for LG bluray players.

Big thanks goes again to my beta testers - keep it up guys.

Head over to the downloads page and give it a go. Looking forward to your feedback at the forum.

Version 0.4 released

After more time than I hope 0.4 is finally out. A big thanks goes to all the beta testers who participated in the testing program - hopefully the software will be usable :-)

The big new feature in this version is real time transcoding. I hope you guys will be creative and supply the community with your working transcoding configurations for various devices. Except transcoding, there are a few other features and bug fixes that made it into this release.

Head to the download page and give it a try.

PS: If you reinstall over a previous version the library will be cleared, so that you might have to wait for it to index all your files again.

Version 0.3 released

It's been a while but 0.3 is finally out. The biggest new feature is separation of the application into a server part and a UI console part - you'll have to run them separately.


You don't have to worry about it if you're on Windows, the server part will start automatically after Windows boots up (as a Windows service). The console will start after a user log in (you'll see Serviio icon in system tray area, as before). On Mac and Linux you'll have to start them separately (server first, then console if you need to use it). I presume you could accomplish starting the server automatically similarly to Windows using your OS's tools.


This separation will also enable connecting to the server from any UI. I'm looking for someone to write WHS add-in at the moment.


This release also includes a few critical fixes which should further enhance device compatibility.


If you're missing something, let me know in the forum.


Have fun,



Version 0.3.1 released

So I spent the Christmas time working on some fixes and feature requests for Serviio, and what? :-))

This is mainly bug fixing release, although there are a few new features included as well. Most notably Serviio now supports streaming music to XBox 360. There is also a possibility to connect the Console to a Server running on a different machine (see FAQ), which should be particularly useful to those of you who run Serviio on a headless system. Last watched epidsode of series is now also marked in the Series category.

I have a lot planned for 0.4 so it might take a bit longer till the next release, hopefully it'll be worth it.

Have a great 2010,


Version 0.2 released

I'm able to announce that version 0.2 is ready for download now. This version brings mainly new development based on feature requests from the forum users.

The first big change is that renderer profiles are now editable. If you manage to create a profile for your device please consider submitting it in the forum, so that it can be included in a future release among the other officially supported profiles.

Serviio now also supports automatic renderer detection (for certain devices).

Due to a high demand I've also implemented a file-system like browsing (category Folders) which should help those users who already have their library set up the way they like it and don't need Serviio's other browsing options.

Complete release notes are here.