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Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 0.5.2

  • added mov/mjpeg/lpcm transcode configuration to Samsung B profile; ticket #304
  • added support for thumbnails on XBox 360; ticket #311
  • supports subtitles menu on Samsung C series; ticket #270
  • integrates with Audio/Video/Image TV folders on Samsung C series
  • added Norwegian, Romanian and Bulgarian translation
  • added support for Samsung D series devices
  • updated Danish translation


  • fixed MKV with AAC transcoding; ticket #300
  • fixed resource URL encoding problems for some renderers; ticket #305
  • fixed retrieving .sub files which has not been fully implemented; ticket #303
  • fixed Bookmarks on Samsung C series
  • fixed handling of dodgy images, they will be added to library and not cause the indexing process to halt now