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Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 2.1

  • hide genres and series which are not available for the user; ticket #1125
  • added support for serving some TrueHD formats without transcoding; ticket #1110
  • added support for .m4b files; ticket #1133
  • added profile for Samsung N series; ticket #1122
  • introduced user.vmoptions file to keep user system properties intact during upgrade (Windows); ticket #1137
  • fixed not being able to update a user on a renderer; ticket #1121
  • fixed icon sizes on the MediaBrowser landing page; ticket #1126
  • fixed null/null in some video titles (requires metadata re-scan); ticket #1132
  • fixed online feed identifiers overflowing for some large libraries; ticket #1128
  • fixed looking up movies by year on; ticket #1123
  • updated Java to OpenJDK 1.8_242